5 of the most common IT problems in SME’s

Information technology is crucial to most business’ operations. If there are problems with IT in a business, it can lead to expensive problems that take time away from achieving your business objectives. Below are five of the most common IT problems in SME’s and why it’s important to take the necessary precautions to protect your business.

Network security and data security

Every company is at the risk of being hacked and small businesses are at greater risk because many of them don’t have a security policy. Small businesses are increasingly at risk of being targeted by hackers. What would happen if someone had access to all your information? There are cost-effective IT security solutions available.

Data backup issues

It is necessary for every business to back up their data. Should ransomware infiltrate your defences, if your data is backed up and protected, you can ignore the ransom and use your backups to restart your systems.

Hardware and software issue

In order to keep hardware and software in the best shape, retire equipment at proper life cycles. Also, standardise hardware components and software applications. Working closely with an IT consultant helps minimise trouble.

Integration issues

As new technologies are released, they don’t always work with older systems or applications. Making sure that you plan ahead can minimise these issues.

Backup and disaster recovery challenges

A backup is crucial because you could delete a file by mistake, experience a power outage or have a server crash. Having the right backup solution and disaster recovery procedures in place, for when these events occur, is critical to eliminating the expenses that come with them.

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