Backup Services

Is your business in need of a secure and reliable data protection, backup and recovery solution? Can you afford not to be protected?

Back up your data. Regret nothing!

Avoid tears, downtime and financial losses. We offer an inexpensive data protection, backup and recovery solution that is reliable and simple. The TECHTRON cloud backup is the managed backup solution for your physical or virtual environment.

TECHTRON Backup Services

We offer several backup and disaster recovery services for your servers and your workstations. We also facilitate the backing up of Microsoft 365.

Fully Managed Service

Your backup is fully managed by our TECHTRON experts. Your backups are closely monitored and if any abnormal situation occurs, we immediately resolve the problem.
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Fully Managed Remote Server Backups from R1,950 Ex VAT

Includes 2TB Remote Storage, Monitoring & Testing

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First Class Data Center

Your backup data is stored in a first class data centre, with a long-standing track record. Our unique range of services are supported by state-of-the-art infrastructure. Peace of mind is important and here at TECHTRON we understand that.

256-Bit Data Encryptions

All user accounts are password protected, and all backup data is 256-bit encrypted and compressed before uploading to TECHTRON’s backup server via a secure SSL connection. The encryption key is never uploaded to the backup server during backup which ensures that all backups are protected.

Fully Automatic

We use automation to negate all human error. Your backup runs automatically according to your own pre-determined schedule. Since no human intervention is required, your backups are regular, reliable and will keep your business on track if you ever need them.

Restore Data Any Time, Anywhere

The TECHTRON online backup service provides a safe and convenient online data restore function. Using the Internet, you can simply restore your backed up data from anywhere in the world. This is convenient and absolutely safe, especially if you needed your backup urgently.

Robust Backup Features

The TECHTRON backup service comes with enterprise-class features such as Windows/Linux/Mac cross-platform operation, continuous data protection for files, Microsoft Exchange Server mail-level backup, In-File Delta block-level incremental backups, and much, much more.

Multi Versioning

Proprietary In-File Delta, continuous data protection, and a flexible retention policy allows a file to have multiple backup versions. Very simply, you can define the exact number of versions you would like to save. This should be determined by your company’s backup policy.

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