Your Monthly IT Budget Calculator

Find out what a recommended monthly budget would be for your business.
This IT Budget Calculator will show you if your IT budget is in line with recommended practice. This is only a guide, and we encourage you to give us a call for free advice. Ensure that your business IT is safe and optimised.

Typical IT Services that should be included

Every business has its own IT requirements. Each has its own unique set of tools and support packages, but regardless of which tools or packages you need, the following items are generally accepted as a good recommended standard.

If your business has additional security or compliance requirements, you will most likely need to add more tools or services. This will most likely increase your monthly IT budget, but first speak to us. Let's see how we can help you.


All devices should be monitored 24/7 and tickets logged where appropriate. This will help be more proactive and resolve issues quicker.

End Point Protection

A suitable business class advanced anti-virus, often called next gen AV is essential. Their are lots of good options available.


Patching your operating system and third party application is extremely important and one of the more cost effective ways to ensure good cyber security.


The more mature MSP’s will include automation tools to quickly resolve issues and streamline activities. This will help reduce your overall IT budget.


All servers and important data needs to be backed up including cloud data. It is important that backups are checked regularly as well as restores.


Encryption is easier and cheaper than you think. Encryption helps secure confidential information especially for remote workers.

Password Manager

We all hate passwords, but for now we still need them and the best way to manage and secure passwords is with a good password manager.


DNS is an important element to help safeguard users and ensure reliable internet. Safe internet relies on safe secure DNS.

Cyber SOC 24/7

Security Operation Centre (SOC) used to be reserved for the enterprise. Today this is as common and important as Anti-Virus or patching.

Technology Reviews

All mature MSP’s should include some sort of ongoing technology review to ensure your IT is up to date and still relevant.


Majority of SMB do not have their own Chief Information Officer or IT Director. It is important that your outsourced IT partner can and does provide these consulting services. (This is not an account manager)


All MSP’s offer support in various ways. It's important to understand how support is offered and what is included/excluded from the various support options.

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