General Notes

  1. For list of services included and pricing see latest monthly invoice or quote attached.
  2. Quoted pricing is subject to change without notice.
  3.  All Prices Exclude VAT, and are subject to Techtron’s Terms and Conditions.
  4.  In order to confirm this order, the agreement must be signed by both parties and setup fees paid.
  5.  In cases where the client’s requirements change the issues will be discussed and new quote supplied.
  6.  The commencement date of this agreement is the date signed above on this agreement.
  7.  All monthly Services that included hardware or software remain the property of Techtron Computers.
  8. The service schedule may change from time to time, any changes will be notified 30 days in advance.
  9. The number of users/devices will be automatically adjusted up or down as per the agreed service.
  10.  This agreement is based on a 1-year term from date of signature. This contract may be cancelled at any time by giving a full calendar months’ notice prior to date of cancelation, unless specified otherwise on the quote.
  11. All Microsoft 365 Service are defaulted to annual commitment unless specifically stated otherwise.
  12. This agreement was updated 1st August 2023, for latest version please refer to our website 

Technical Notes

  1.  All workstations must meet the following minimum requirements to be covered by any contract.  CPU: i3 (Gen 5 or higher), RAM: 8Gb, HDD: 250GB, OS: Windows 10 Pro, Age of Hardware: Less than 5 years old. If the workstation falls below the recommended specification all support is billable.
  2. All Software must be fully supported by the vendor with valid support agreements.
  3. The onus is on the customer to indicate the license and device requirements.
  4. The client is responsible for insuring the equipment while on the client’s premises
  5. The client is required to provide adequate physical protection and UPS to protect the hardware.
  6. Clients are required to conform to all Terms and Conditions of the relevant Internet/Hosting Service Provider

Specific T Service Notes 

  1. All T Service Agreements exclude Moves, Adds or Changes (MAC) and will be billed per hour/fixed fee or quoted. This includes items such as new users, reloads or project work.
  2. All T1 Agreements exclude onsite work
  3. All T3 Agreements require a full-time onsite IT person to field first line support calls.
  4. Standard labour rate is R850 per hour during normal business hours, R1500 after hours and Project Labour billed at R1500 per hour, all rates exclude VAT. and are subject to review annually on the renewal date, unless agreed otherwise.
  5. All Remote Support billed in 15min increments, Onsite Support billed in 30min increments, minimum bill for onsite work is 1 hour.

Standard Service Level Agreement

  1. Certain services may have specific and or different service levels defined, these will be communicated as part of the service offering.
  2. Low: Single user experiencing a minor inconvenience, or a Move/Add or Change request: First Response 4hrs Resolved 24hrs
  3. Medium: Multiple users experiencing a minor inconvenience or single user unable to work: First Response 4hrs Resolved 16hrs
  4. High: Multiple users experiencing a moderate disruption to their work: First Response 2hrs Resolved 12hrs
  5. Critical: Multiple users unable to work and there is no workaround: First Response 2hrs Resolved 8hrs
  6. All SLA hours refer to standard business hours.
  7. For full details please refer to Support Priority Guidelines Document.
  8. Managed Firewalls include next business day resolution or workaround for any critical issues with the firewall.


  1. All Managed Techtron server backups include the following, backups are checked daily via our monitoring systems, a manual weekly check is performed by an engineer, a random file restore check is performed every 2nd month. 
  2. If any managed backup should fail for more than 2 days, an engineer will be assigned to investigate and resolve.


  1.  Monthly fees payable in advance on the 1st or 15th of the month via debit order, unless agreed otherwise in writing.
  2.  All services are subject to an annual escalation on service renewal date.
  3.  Services linked to the exchange rate are subject to change at any time without notice, specifically Microsoft Licenses.
  4. Failing to pay any account within the specified terms may result in late penalties.
  5. Clients choosing to pay monthly recurring fees via EFT will incur an additional monthly admin fee.


  1.  The parties acknowledge that as a result of this Agreement, they may gain access to confidential information, which is the intellectual or other property of the other party, and agree to use their best endeavours to maintain and preserve such confidentiality.

Terms and Conditions

  1. To view our terms and conditions please go to our website
  2. Where Techtron makes use of 3rd party software, hardware, infrastructure or services additional terms and conditions may apply.

Devices as a Service (applies when quoted items marked with DaaS)

  1. Techtron will supply and support the hardware & software indicated on the quote provided.
  2. All DaaS items will be based on a 36-month agreement from date on this agreement.
  3. Techtron will remain the owner of the equipment at all times.
  4. Techtron will deliver/collect laptops from the customers head office when required.
  5. The equipment supplied will only be used for businesses purposes as agreed with the client.
  6. The client will keep the equipment in good working order and shall return the equipment to Techtron at the termination of this agreement in the same good condition, fair wear and tear expected.
  7. The client shall not remove any component from the equipment nor make any alteration to the equipment.
  8. The client shall at its cost insure and keep all Techtron owned equipment insured for the whole period of this agreement for the full replacement value against all risks on a comprehensive insurance policy.
  9. In the event of this agreement being cancelled for any reason, Techtron shall be entitled to remove the equipment and shall be permitted unrestricted access to the equipment for the purpose of such removal.
  10. Where the equipment fails under manufacturer’s warranty, the equipment will be repaired or replaced with same or similar unit.
  11. All Moves, Adds or Changes are included provided they are in line with the normal business use.
  12. If the client chooses to exit the agreement prior to the 36-month end date, the client will be liable to return the equipment and pay an exit clause equal to the remaining amount owing on the agreement.


  1. Techtron shall not be liable for any loss of information, data, income or damage of whatsoever nature or howsoever arising from the clients use of the equipment, software and/or services provided by Techtron.
  2. Techtron offers no warranty regarding theft, cyber-attack, or downtime.
  3. Techtron shall only be liable in the event of gross negligence or wilful misconduct, such liability will be limited to a maximum of all fees paid by the client to Techtron relevant to the breach during the preceding 3 (three) month period.
  4. Under no circumstances shall the client entertain liability for general and/or direct damages for any breach of the agreement if fees payable by the client related to this agreement are overdue.


  1. At all times during the term of contract and for one year following, Client will have first-party cyber liability insurance with limits no less than R300 thousand per occurrence and R300 thousand in the aggregate or agree to self-insure for same amount.


  1. Techtron shall be entitled to cancel the agreement and immediately collect the equipment in the event of:
    1. The client failing to make any payment on the due date;
    2. The client failing to comply with the terms of this agreement;
    3. The client being placed in provisional or final liquidation;

Service Schedule

  1.   For a list of services offered with key points can be found on the Services Schedule Document