4 Cloud Security Mistakes for Your Business to Avoid

4 Cloud Security Mistakes for Your Business to Avoid
The same way that you must learn how your home security system works, ensure that you know the ins and outs of your cloud security at work. Both are there to protect your valuables. Businesses of all sizes are moving computing resources to the cloud, and if you are one of them, there is an increasing number of concerns that require your attention. Below are four of the most common mistakes made by businesses and the ways to avoid them:

Understand your data

Often businesses secure their data without knowing what it is that they are protecting. Ask yourself, what data is most important? Who needs access to this data? What would the consequences be if we lost our data or it fell into the wrong hands?

These questions are essential for cybersecurity. Understanding how important your data is and what purpose it serves in your business will help you prioritise your data and protect yourself against threats by hackers or even past employees.

Encrypt your data

One simple rule to remember: Data should be encrypted no matter where it is. The right cloud services provider will encrypt data both when its stored in the cloud as well as when it is in transit. Secure your data by ensuring it is always protected, during all stages.

Control access

With the cloud, data can be accessed from almost anywhere. Employees can access data from home, or while on a trip and this means that your sensitive data could end up in the wrong hands. Make sure to only provide access to the necessary employees. Sensitive information, especially contact and banking information of your clients, is not something that you want unprotected.

Maintain the cloud

Just like your servers and hardware, the cloud needs to be maintained. That includes data backups, patches and updates. Often businesses avoid cloud updates because of the cost or downtime, however, losing all your data will cost you much more.

Implement the above steps and secure your valuable information!

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