Cloud Email Powered By Zimbra

Techtron has been offering Cloud Email Services through a partnership with Synaq ( for a while now.  We thought we would share some information about what powers our Cloud Email Service.

Techtron’s Cloud Email is run on VMware Zimbra which is an enterprise-class email, calendar and collaboration solution, built for the cloud, both public and private. With a redesigned browser-based interface, Zimbra offers the most innovative messaging experience available today, connecting end users to the information and activity in their personal clouds.

Here is a short video explaining more about Zimbra: Zimbra Collaboration Suite Flash Demo

SYNAQ Cloud Mail comes standard with:

  • A 99.9% uptime SLA to ensure you email is aways available to you
  • Spam and virus protection to ensure junk email doesn’t get to you
  • Daily back ups to ensure your email is safe and secure
  • Push to mobile devices (iOS and Android) ensures email access across devices
  • Free uncapped cloud access to mail services with AlwaysOn hotspots
  • Easy administrator interface to allow you access to your day-to-day email handling
  • Cross platform availabilty with all modern operating systems including Windows, Mac and Linux
  • Full calendar, address book and document sharing with colleagues and split-second advanced email search capabilities

For more information about Techtron’s Cloud Email Services give us a call. 086 111 3848

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