Password security is your security

Passwords are the barrier that prevents our most valuable information from ending up in a stranger’s hands. An IT security breach could happen to anyone at any time and Techtron’s Site Password Management service is the right solution for keeping your password details private.  

What’s the solution?

Techtron’s Site Password Management solution is here to save the day. The features include:

  • Centralised and secured corporate and personal passwords

All corporate and personal passwords are kept safely in the same place, making it easy for you to access.

  • Folders set up to organise and categorise passwords

Folders are created to make it simple for you to access, minimising time spent contacting a help desk.

  • Management of employee data access rights

You can monitor who has access to confidential data with data access rights.

  • Receiving notifications of all passwords known by departing employees

Stay on top of all passwords used by employees that no longer work with you.

  • Generation of strong and unique passwords

The software creates the strongest passwords.

  • Log in to saved websites with one click

You can access saved websites easily.

  • Run audits and reports internally

You can easily check on your system through audits and reports.

  • Custom security groups

Enjoy customised security groups that provide extra protection.

  • Secure password sharing

Share passwords easily and safely.

  • Mobile access

Have access to your password security system while on the go.

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