Remote IT Support Tipping Point

Remote IT Support has become one of the standard services offered by almost all established IT support companies, due to the high demand coming from the marketplace, but at what point does remote support start negatively affecting you business when do you reach a tipping point?

We all know the benefits of remote support:

  • faster response time.
  • better utilisation of resources.
  • ability to save on travel costs.
  • easy to have multiple resources working on the same issue.
  • etc.

But what are the negative impacts. The loss of building a personal relationship with your client, no matter how many remote support sessions you do, there is nothing like a simple face to face talk in person. Video conferencing is a great tool and has improved considerably in the last few years. Nothing beats a simple conversation with your client in person to build a strong lasting relationship.

Techtron believes the most important aspect of any IT Support Contract is the relationship, we know we have all the technical skills and tools to resolve any IT challenge, but if you don’t have a good relationship with your client to carry you through the bad times and trust you during the good times than you bound to have problems at some stage, and you leave your clients open to being poached by other IT support companies.

Although Techtron Computers does offer remote IT support services we insist on at least one onsite visit each month, even if there is nothing wrong, just to have a look around see whats going on at the client, have a cup of coffee and a conversation with the client and maybe help resolve a few minor user queries that some users need help with. A 1 hour onsite visit is far more effective in building a good client relationship then 20 hours of remote support work, no matter how good your remote support guys are.

Finding the wright balance is the key to building a strong lasting relationship with your clients.

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