Techtron Now offers Remote Support to all clients – 10 Oct 2007

Techtron Computers has been offering remote support to our server installations for the past few years. With our new offering we are able to Deliver instant support services to all our clients when you’re at the office, at home or on the road. Zero router configuration means that you can send and receive calls from Virtually anywhere in the world!

Our remote support software installation is fast, and easy to use, even novice customers can request service with ease. Our web-based installer can be run by any user, even if the user doesn’t have installation privileges in 30 seconds or less. Our Firewall friendly software, will pass through any firewall without opening ports and changing settings.

Our bulletproof security. SSL encryption keeps personal information safe. Invitation-only access, means connections can never start without an invitation from our clients, assuring peace of mind. The remote support session window can’t be hidden by anyone. Always know when a connection is active and allows us to keep our clients aware of our current status.

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