Approved Application List

This is a list of approved applications that can be installed on all clients computers unless, the client as their own custom approved application list.  Any exception needs to follow the exception policy and be documented in writing.

Adobe ReaderLatest 
Bit LockerLatest 
CyberCNS AgentLatest
Datto RMM AgentLatest 
Dell Command UpdateLatest
Dell Support AssistLatest
Defender for EndpointLatest 
HP Scan & Capture (MS Store)Latest 
HP Smartprint (MS Store)Latest
Hudu Browser PluginLatest
Microsoft OfficeLatest & Previous Version 
Microsoft 365 AppsLatest
MS TeamsLatest 
One DriveLatest 
Pass Portal Browser PluginLatest 
PrintiX ClientLatest 
Rocket Cyber AgentLatest
Sophos Connect VPNLatest

Additional software pre approved if required.

Apple Support AppsLatest Version
Apple iTunesLatest Version
Apple iCloudLatest Version
Apple Time machineLatest Version
Acrobat ProfessionalLatest Version
AutoCAD WorkstationLatest Version
Azure AD ConnectLatest Version
Citrix WorkspaceLatest Version
CoraldrawLatest Version
Dell Drivers/Update AppLatest Version
DraftworksLatest Version
Eaton UPS CompanionLatest Version
EcotimeLatest Version
Google ChromeLatest Version
Google EarthLatest Version
InfoslipsLatest Version
Microsoft itune Management AppLatest Version
Microsoft Dynamics NAV ClientLatest Version
Microsoft Support & Recovery AppLatest Version
Microsoft VisioLatest Version
Microsoft ProjectLatest Version
Microsoft Web DeploymentLatest Version
PastelLatest Version
PhotoshopLatest Version
Report ViewerLatest Version
Rhino 3D WorkstationLatest Version
Sage VIPLatest Version
Sage 300 ERPLatest Version
SAP Crystal ReportsLatest Version
SARS EasyfileLatest Version
SARS E-filingLatest Version
SolidWorks WorkstationLatest Version
SQL ServerLatest Version
StriataLatest Version
Telegram Desktop AppLatest Version
Video Controller SoftwareLatest Version
VLC Media PlayerLatest Version
VMWare ToolsLatest Version
Whatsapp Desktop AppLatest Version
Zimbra connectorLatest Version
ZoomLatest Version
3CX SoftphoneLatest Version
7-ZipLatest Version

Additional Tools for temporary use or as required.

Angry IP ScannerLatest Version
NotePad++Latest Version
PuttyLatest Version