TECHTRON Standard Server Build

TECHTRON configures all devices according to the below standard recommended build configuration unless specifically agreed otherwise with the client in writing.

Server Standard Windows Build

Standard Config Core:

  • Baseline Security Enabled
  • All OS updates applied
  • All Driver updates applied
  • All Drives Encrypted using Bit locker (Azure Servers use Microsoft Managed Encryption)

Standard Apps Installed:

  • Adobe Reader (Default PDF Viewer)
  • Sophos Connect VPN (If applicable)
  • Bit Locker Encryption (Full Disk)
  • Edge (Default Browser + Default search engine = Google, No additional Browsers)
  • Datto RMM Agent
  • Microsoft Defender for Endpoint
  • Sentinel One EDR
  • Huntress Agent

Additional Config:

  • Company intranet/Client Page and/or Office Portal as home page

Version: 2.1