3 tips to keeping your PC safe

Keeping our PC safe is something that we do daily. However, we often miss the simplest and most crucial steps. Read the tips below to make sure you are protecting your hardware as well as the data on your PC.

1. Check your firewall

This is a very simple step, that often looks more complicated than it is. On a Windows system: Go to Control Panel and type “firewall” in the search box. If your firewall is “on” or “connected” it means that your firewall is working. Checking on your firewall goes a long way in keeping your PC and information safe.

2. Stay away from unfamiliar websites

It’s not always easy to spot a rogue website but be careful when shopping on a website that ships items from overseas, and don’t click on links sent to you in email messages, go directly to the website itself instead.

3. Never, never reveal sensitive information

At any time online, be careful of the sensitive information that you share. This includes social media profiles as well. Revealing something as innocent as a pet’s name or your mother’s maiden name, could lead to identity theft. You are likely to have used those as answers in a security question and people would have access to that information through your social media.

There are more ways to stay safe

A great way to get overall protection is to use a strong anti-virus software that protects you from malware, spyware and viruses. There are many more ways that you can keep your PC safe on a daily basis. Stay up to date with the latest trends and acknowledge the potential disaster if your PC or data ended up in the wrong hands.

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