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Introducing Casper Horn: The Quiet and Courageous Team Player

Allow us to introduce you to the remarkable Casper Horn, a valued member of the Techtron LinkedIn Family. If you’re already part of our vibrant community, you’ve likely crossed paths with Casper. As our dedicated Support Engineer, he recently celebrated his impressive five-year anniversary with us, embodying the true spirit of a Techtronite. Casper’s problem-solving skills are simply out of...
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Unleashing Ambition and Impact: Meet Techtron’s Dynamic COO, Rinus Van Der Ryst

Ambitious, Resilient, Impactful. From a fortunate consulting role to a permanent position, Rinus’s journey exemplifies patience and calculated decision-making. Helping lead Techtron’s dedicated team, he values their unique approach, prioritising clients’ well-being. With a passion for helping others and a thirst for adventure, Rinus embraces challenges head-on, making an indelible mark in the MSP space. Continue reading to learn more...
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Meet Angelo Boswell

Meet Angelo Boswell: The Man Behind Techtron IT’s Informative YouTube Videos. Have you ever watched a Techtron IT YouTube video? If so, you have likely seen the knowledgeable and friendly Angelo Boswell, who leads the channel. Angelo is a Support Engineer who is passionate about helping others solve technology-related problems. His dedication to his work, his clients, and his team...
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Techtron NGO Case Study Featured in Microsoft Jan Community Update

The January Tech for Social Impact Community Update includes information around free security assessments, Partner Spotlights featuring Tiberium and Techtron, an ISV webinar, and tips on how to help nonprofits with their technology challenges. View the January TSI Community Update Download the presentation....
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A Closer Look at TECHTRON CEO Steven Sher

Steven Sher is the CEO of TECHTRON, a proudly South African provider of world-class information IT services to small & medium size businesses. With over 18 years of experience in the industry, Steven has seen first-hand how one can leverage technology to streamline business processes and improve efficiencies. Steven believes in building relationships founded on reliability, honesty, and friendliness. Clients...
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