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3 Easy Ways to Cut IT Costs

You know your IT department is crucial to your company’s success, but let’s face it — businesses are always looking for ways to save money. So, how can you cut IT costs without cutting the technology services your company relies on? Reducing IT costs doesn’t have to lead to reductions in IT productivity and effectiveness. Here are three simple ways...
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The importance of having an IT partner as an SME

Empower your business with the right IT partner who grasps your needs and unlocks technology’s full potential, both today and tomorrow. In today’s digital world, every company needs to have a robust software setup to stay competitive. However, for SMEs without a dedicated tech team, choosing the right software, hardware, and cloud services provider can be overwhelming. That is where...
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Subscribe Now

Microsoft is working around the clock to bring you best-in-class experiences, whether you’re in-office or at home. Don’t miss the latest features Windows Virtual Desktop has to offer. Subscribe to learn more....
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6 Reasons to Use Remote Monitoring to Keep an Eye on Your Systems

Many IT service providers use remote monitoring tools to gather information and send reports about their clients’ computer systems. Almost anything can be monitored, from routers and firewalls to virus detection and email services. Here are five benefits of using remote monitoring to keep an eye on your systems: 1. Reduce the Chances of Downtime In order to operate smoothly,...
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Data Backup Essentials – What Every Company Must Know

Any loopholes in managing company data can have serious consequences. Take, for example, Morgan Stanley which had to pay up financier Ronald Perelman a whopping $1.45 billion, in part because the global giant could not produce all the critical email communication during the trial’s disclosure phase. Whether yours is a small, medium-sized, or large business, you must put the necessary...
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4 Common IT Mistakes That Small Companies Make

A vast majority of small companies rely on the latest technology to run efficiently. For these companies, making smart IT decisions can affect daily operations, as well as long-term success. Here are 4 common IT mistakes that small companies should avoid: 1. Failing to Plan for Growth Many small companies fail to properly account for IT within their growth strategy....
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Ransomware Information and Protection

Ransomware stops you from using your PC. It holds your PC or files for “ransom”. This page describes what ransomware is and what it does, and provides advice on how to prevent and recover from ransomware infections. You can also read a Microsoft blog about ransomware: The 5Ws and 1H of ransomware. What does ransomware do? There are different types...
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Zimbra Connector For Outlook (ZCO): Setting Up Out Of Office Assistant

Zimbra Connector For Outlook (ZCO): Setting Up Out Of Office Assistant One of the added benefits of utilizing the Zimbra Connector for Outlook (ZCO) is the Out of Office Assistant feature. You can setup the ZCO’s Out of Office Assistant to send automatic responses to individuals who send you messages when your are out of the office. It is important...
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Can VoIP Save Your Company Money?

The economy might technically be out of recession, but businesses are still doing everything in their power to cut costs and save as much as possible. One possible avenue for savings is switching from a traditional business phone plan to a VoIP plan. VoIP is a technology that has been around for a little over a decade now, and allows...
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6 IT Policies to Help Protect Your Company

Many companies rely on IT to help run their businesses. For this reason, they often depend on a set of IT policies to ensure the productive, appropriate, and legal use of IT resources. IT policies establish expectations and regulations for behavior related to company computers and networks. In addition, IT policies detail consequences for employees or customers in the event...
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Service Agreements or Ad Hoc?

Businesses often task the receptionist or another person to make a few phone calls in order to obtain pricing from 2 or 3 IT service companies on their hourly support rate. Often the motivation for this ranges from obtaining cheap IT support on the one end of the spectrum, all the way to obtaining reliable and responsive IT services at...
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6 Ways to Keep Your WordPress Site Secure

More than 60 million sites depend on WordPress. Unfortunately, WordPress is also popular with hackers. To attack WordPress sites, hackers often exploit vulnerabilities found in the plugins that extend WordPress functionality. These attacks are becoming ever more common, and frequently end up affecting hundreds of thousands of sites. However, there are ways to minimize the risks involved in running a...
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