The 5 Major Benefits of Using Offsite Backup

The need for offsite backup is evident, and even more so as technology advances and the requirement for securing and backing up data is becoming a basic necessity. Numerous articles have been written on the subject and we too have added our token of wisdom. In this post, we are going to dissect what offsite backup is and convey the benefits of using a offsite backup system. We have seen the aftermath of ransomwares and malwares this year; and in some cases, we’ve seen how victims of ransomware have had to forfeit their data due to not taking the necessary measures in protecting their data – and therein lies the importance of offsite backup.

What is offsite backup?

Offsite backup has a few names including online backup and cloud backup. offsite backup is a service that allows its users to backup and store computer data, and in some cases, recover the data, on an offsite system and infrastructure. The characteristics of offsite backup include ubiquitous access, meaning you can access your backup from anywhere, it’s scalable and elastic, and it is shared and secure.

The 5 Major Benefits of Using offsite backup
  • It’s more reliable:

The greatest benefit of offsite backup is its reliability. Unlike depending on people to manually back up the data, with high chances of human error, the offsite backup system is automated, and it updates frequently. As a benefit, there are no duplicates and one can easily recover the backed-up data.

  • Easy to setup and easy to use:

Manually backing data can be daunting, however, with offsite backup it’s as easy as a click or two. The setup can be done by an IT professional within your specified time schedule, and the data will automatically back up during the set time. You do not have to proactively save, label and track information. Rather, offsite backup allows you to conveniently store your work, without worrying about losing your data.

  • It reduces the workload:

Offsite backup are easy to use and as a result, it reduces the workload of all employees involved. Particularly when compared to manually backing up everything you do. Since offsite backup makes use of automation, this means no time will be wasted on copying items to the USB and external hard drive; and most importantly, you won’t waste time searching for the devices, because you will know exactly where the backup is.

  • It’s secure:

Considering that offsite backups are managed by independent vendors, they are therefore more secure than manual backup and eliminate the risks of not backing up data at all. As a result, it’s far more secure than an onsite backup that can easily be hacked via the programs and software updates that often take place on your computer.

  • Incremental Backup:

This means that when you back up your business data, it doesn’t backup all the data, but rather it backs up all the new data. It doesn’t waste time starting the process from the beginning, and therefore saves you time, giving you peace of mind for the things that matter.

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