7 IT Security Risks in Small Businesses

Managing security for a small business can be more challenging than a large business because you might not have an entire IT department to take care of your security needs. Security attacks targeting small businesses are on the rise and discussed below are the ways that you can be affected.

No data security policies
Every business should make sure that they understand their policies and whether or not data security is important within their business.

No one is checking for potential breaches
Your passwords, documents and even identities could be compromised. Software that frequently searches your systems for attack vectors, updates protections and administers patches where needed, is necessary to keep your business protected from any breaches. It is recommended to subscribe to a managed IT security service.

No employee training
Your employees could be your biggest threat. Whether it is purposefully or unintentionally, your employees can cause damage to your data, networks and programs. The safest thing to do is establish ground level security and train employees on the basics of digital security to arm them with the necessary information. If you have a BYOD (Bring your own device) policy within your business, there needs to be clear instructions about what information can be accessed on personal devices.

No limit to employee access
Employees should not have access to all data systems. Access should be limited to the specific data systems that are needed for their jobs. Software should also not be installed without permission.

Lack of authentication
Require employees to use unique passwords and change passwords every three months. Multi-factor authentication that requires additional information beyond a password to gain entry will increase security.

Sensitive data should be deleted appropriately
Remove all confidential data from electronic devices such as tablets, storage hardware, computers and smartphones before disposing of the devices.

Maintain security on mobile devices
Your information is more vulnerable if employees use mobile devices to access company information while at work or after work. Using personal devices increase exposure to malware and other security-related issues.


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