Backup and Sync App

Google is known for being a gamechanger and is always coming up with fresh new concepts that are made to make our lives simpler and more convenient. One of their latest apps combines Google Drive and Google Photos are just a few of the applications Google has made to make our lives easier. Normally, you’d have to save your important documents and treasured photos in separate places, but the Google Backup and Sync app allows you to store both in one convenient location in a smooth, effortless process.

How the Backup and Sync app works

The Backup and Sync app can back up both files and photos from your computer or directly from your various devices. The app still has the drive and photo functions which allow you to select specific files and folders to upload if you don’t want everything saved. That’s a pretty smart way of utilising your storage space. This app also allows you to make the files available offline by syncing them from the drive to your device or computer – convenient, huh?

What you need to know?

The app has 15GB storage space on the free version, with the option of purchasing additional space when you reach the limit. The app can automatically upload files from your phone, camera and any form of removable storage device, however, you can also choose the option that allows you to manually choose which files you want uploaded. And the best news of all: the Backup and Sync app is compatible with both Mac and PC devices (hoorah!).

Though the Backup and Sync app is exactly what you have been looking for to maximise storage and ensure all your important documents and pictures are backed up, it is important to know that it does not have a restore function, so be sure to keep the current restore tool you currently have.

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