The Benefits of Managed Servers to Mid-Sized Businesses

In our previous instalment, we shared what managed servers are and why you should care?. Today we’re going to be discussing some of the key benefits of managed servers for your business.

Recap: What are managed servers?

A managed server is where server administration tasks are handled by a hosting provider. This means you have a team dedicated to monitoring your server and simplifying your business’ IT processes. Having this management, ensures that you are able to optimise your business performance, without hassling too much on the IT front and worrying less about cyber-attacks on your precious data. Less risk means more profit and more time for you to do what your business needs to run efficiently. There are different types of servers to consider including a managed application server, catering for web applications; as well as a managed file server, offering shared storage of computer files, like documents, images, databases and graphics.

A well maintained, proactively serviced computer network will always run better than the alternative.

Let’s have a look at some of the benefits of Managed Servers to your mid-sized business:

5 Benefits of Managed Servers

1. File and Network security

The most important role of a file server is the network security it provides. By your staff having individual accounts, or departmental accounts, certain rights and admission access can be granted to the data stored on the network. This will prevent unauthorised users from gaining access to files and information they shouldn’t be viewing. Each user will only have access to information that they need to have, allowing greater control. For example, sales should not have access to personal employee records as this is the function of HR.

2. Increased reliability; decreased workflow interruptions

Unlike an average desktop PC system which uses a single hard drive, a server uses multiple hard drives to prevent data loss and an interruption of workflow. To maximize efficiency, hard drives are usually equipped with redundant power supplies or specifically requested, meaning that the server offers a secondary power supply to avoid any interruptions to standard system operations.

3. Centralized data storage and shared resources

Shared resources between employees and departments ensures efficiency and uninterrupted access.  As an example, since all employee data is stored on the network, if an employee’s workstation fails during the day, they can easily access their own files from a colleague’s workstation and continue working. Centralised data storage means that important resources such as printers and fax servers can also be accessed by any employee on the network, saving you time. An added benefit includes the remote technical support from your hosting company, allowing you the peace of mind to take care of your business matters.

4. Virus Management

In working in an office environment with multiple employees and users, you will find that the biggest threat to your network is its vulnerability to viruses. These viruses may come in the form of malware, spyware and spam attacks. Working with a managed server which is constantly managed and updated, an anti-virus package that combines server protection and workstation protection can afford you greater security for protecting your files.

5. Centralised Backup

One of the great benefits of having a managed server is the ability to store all your data and files in one location, and the ability to perform regular backups when needed. These backups can be performed relatively quickly and reliably. Depending on the type of files and media your business requires, as well as how much data your business needs to retain, it is advisable to do regular backups often.

Having a managed server saves you time to run your business and continue with the operations. Your time can be better spent on working on what matters most to you, and leaving the technical IT issues to be effectively managed by your service provider.

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