Bye Bye Windows 7

Are you ready to say Bye Bye to Windows 7?

Microsoft has advised that as of 14th January 2020 there will no longer be any support for Windows 7. It is important to understand these changes, the impact to you, and the devices in your organization affected by it so that you can plan and budget accordingly.

What does this mean to you, the user with Windows 7?

When you have an issue with Windows 7, Microsoft will not assist, they will not be releasing any updates, no security patching will be provided by Microsoft. On the bright side, so many of you experienced the same this with Windows XP and look we all survived that so Don’t Panic, TECHTRON has got you covered.

Microsoft Product Retirement Schedule

Product Name End of Support Date
Windows 7 14 January 2020
Office 2010 13 October 2020
Windows Server 2008 /R2 9 July 2019
SQL Server 2008 9 July 2019
Exchange 2010 9 July 2019

 Things you need to consider before making the move:

  1. You’ll need to know how many Windows 7 devices you have in your business that need to be replaced or upgraded before January 2020. If you are already our client, we got your back, so just pop your Account Manager an email and request a Windows 7 device Audit Report. IF YOU NOT OUR CLIENT, we ask you why? We can help you, contact us as we can assist you with getting the information you need to start upgrading devices.
  2. This year is racing away and we’re already in May so 14 January 2020 will come sooner than you think so it is imperative that you get cracking on this to-do list. You might wish to budget and spread the purchases or upgrades over time to reduce disruption or impact financially or you may have busier periods throughout the year where it would make sense to move to Windows 10 before or after the busy times to reduce business impact.
  3. Check your business applications like “Sage, AccPac, Quickbooks” etc to make sure that they will be compatible with Windows 10 as this may be a reason that you have stayed with Windows 7 thus far. If this is the case, then you need to start the transition sooner rather than later as there is a lot more involved than just PC’s and Laptops.

What do you need to do before January 2020 to prevent all the chaos? Well here are some options TECHTRON can help you with.

  • Purchase Windows 10
  • Purchase a New Device.
  • Move to Microsoft 365

Contact Us: Techtron

Options for End-of-Life Packages: Upgrade or Replace

As there is a cost associated with both options available it is important to base the decision on the right criteria:

  1. Is the current hardware compatible with the new Products?
  2. Are any hardware upgrades required to ensure the performance of the machine is optimal with the new products?
  3. What is the intended lifespan of the machine that needs to be upgraded – is it approaching end-of-life too?

We can advise you on the right solution and then assist in getting you and your business to the next level. click here to contact Techtron to find out more

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