Cloud Computing for the Win

Cloud Computing for the Win

Much like the vaping industry with its huge market value and accompanying cloud of cinnamon & butter popcorn smoke, some things are here to stay. One development that you might be thrilled is here to stay, is cloud computing. And it brings with it an array of benefits including increased security and reduced costs, to name a few.

What is cloud computing?

To keep it simple, cloud computing is the delivery of computer services including servers, storage, databases and more, over the internet. What makes cloud computing so great is that this all happens faster, and in a more flexible fashion than conventional IT resources. Cloud is increasingly being used to build new platforms for enhancing customer engagement to meet digital transformation needs of the enterprises. Application of multi-cloud environments is seeing huge growth, wherein customers are relying on one cloud heavily while using the other sporadically.

How is South Africa impacted by the cloud?

Recently, cloud computing has experienced a meteoric rise in both popularity and use. Research by Frost & Sullivan supports this, stating that South Africa’s cloud computing market is worth approximately $140 million with continued growth very much on the horizon. In addition, Cisco forecasts that the Middle East & African region will witness the highest cloud traffic growth rate (41% compound annual growth rate) to the year 2021.

To cloud or not to cloud?

Using the cloud allows businesses to save money while increasing performance and improving performance. The cloud also improves security measures and allows for quality control through consistent reporting and the storing of all documents in one place. Cloud infrastructures support proactivity, a tool that all businesses can benefit from.

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