Data loss could kill your business

Skydiving is a thrilling experience: it could be exhilarating and fun, or (and we try not to think about this much) it could be dangerous and tragic. This is why skydivers have a primary parachute as well as a secondary chute, just in case the first one doesn’t function as desired. We have come to look at data backups in a similar light, but many still don’t fully understand the seriousness of not backing up data and how this could jeopardise a business.

The benefits of backups

  • You can completely restore documents, applications and settings.
  • Backups can be automated, sparing you time and ensuring human error doesn’t get in the way of having the latest versions of files saved.
  • Gain quick access to the files you need with remote cloud-based backups.
  • Off-site backups mean that your data is protected from power failures, surges – anything that could physically damage the equipment.
  • Backups provide an additional layer of antivirus protection.

The drawbacks

  • Setup of backup systems can be time-consuming and costly.
  • Restoring data from backup systems can also take a significant amount of time, however not as long as recreating the lost data.
  • Most backup systems are implemented through third-party providers which could come with its own set of challenges.

Having no backups is a risky business

The benefits of implementing data backups far outweigh the risks a business might face without it, and the downsides are minimal and can be seen more as necessary evils than complete deterrents. Imagine if your system was the victim of a malware attack and all your company data was erased. There’s no way your client would accept any excuse to not having taken the necessary precautions to protect your (and potentially, their) confidential data. Just one incident like this could ruin the reputation of your business, not to mention the hours you’d have to put in to regenerate all that was lost or corrupted.

The spare chute for your business data

Just like you might not need the spare chute when you go skydiving, you may never need to restore data from your backup system. And just like the spare chute, you just might.

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