Firewalls – Are they still important in 2018

With the access to the internet becoming increasingly necessary for companies to build connections and drive business, it is becoming more urgent to ensure that we protect our data and access to files from prying eyes. Security has become a necessity in the information age and firewalls are doing their best to protect us from malicious hackers and intruders.

What does a firewall do?

A firewall is a security measure that helps protect networks from malicious software or unauthorized intruders. It acts as the first line of defense within any secure network, a filter for both incoming and outgoing traffic.

While not all firewalls are alike, they can—and should—be tailored to a company’s individual needs. Each one has set criteria on what it allows in and what it keeps out. A firewall’s main objective is to protect internal network data from outside intruders and hackers from accessing your sensitive information. Granted that not every company has access to highly sensitive information, but every company has data and their own reasons to protect it and keep it secure. This may include company information, personal records and client records.

Essentially, firewalls are only concerned with allowing, routing and disallowing data in or out (accessing of information) based on rules. Firewalls do not block a program from doing something malicious on your device or computer, nor prevent software from installing. What they do is block data from going in and out of the internet. They detect risks and threats which have the potential to hack and syphon your information. They also keep web surfing safe for your users, guarding them against viruses and unwanted content, allowing you to securely monitor your network’s internet access to ensure compliance and improve productivity within your business. Firewalls ensure that computers are kept up-to-date, to be able to withstand cyber attacks from accessing your information.

With the use of the internet ever increasing, corporate networks are becoming more vulnerable to attacks and interception. While the majority of these attacks have malicious intent and no real value to the attacker, the effects on the organisation can be disastrous.

With recent breeches in sensitive information such as the data leak of 30 million South Africans’ personal data in October 2017, cyberattacks are becoming prevalent. Living in the information age, where all our personal information is available to cyber giants like Google and Facebook, the need for cyber security is extremely necessary to ensure that our information is well protected in 2018 and beyond.

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