Here’s Why You Need a Scary Good Archiving System in Place

Maintaining compliance in your archiving strategy can be daunting.

Plagued by constant data growth and the pertaining service requirements, IT departments and legal compliance teams are juggling the ability to retain, access, discover and supervise compliant content in a world of fast evolving regulations.

Where would you even begin to troubleshoot?

Consider the following nightmare as a prime example:

Can you recover emails after a malicious attack?

Face it: This can happen. It does happen. Along with a spool of other nasty issues.

“Modern archiving and information security management strategies engage a number of drivers, including legal and regulatory record-keeping requirements, stricter privacy rules, increasing threat of email data breaches and decreasing employee productivity, and disposition.  Contoural

A modernized solution incorporates a single common work stream which provides benefits in a number of areas. These solutions increase compliance, reduce costs and drive productivity while reducing risks tremendously.

Outdated Data Solutions can be SCARY!

How does one reduce compliance nightmares?

Retention Schedules

Acquire consensus from key stakeholders on what should and should not be saved. Ensure lifespans are given to information and make these schedules easy to use for all employees who are assigned with these tasks.

Classify Data Security Effectively

A detailed analysis needs to be developed to determine how information is moved from un-managed, unsecured repositories to better, more secured repositories. Controls should additionally be implemented to adhere to these protocols.

Employee Productivity

Modernized processes lessen the time employees spend on admin tasks such as personal email management which spikes productivity.

Step away from outdated archiving solutions 

Dust off the old, on-premises approach and seek challenges in a forward facing manner by moving beyond simply managing storage or playing defense. Instead, seek out digital memory which brings greater business value and smarter decision making to life – that is scary good!


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