How IoT devices increase your risk and how to mitigate it

Whether at home or in business, the world of IoT (Internet of Things) devices and machines has become an integrated part of our daily lives and is expected to not only increase in presence, but to rapidly increase in uses.

With IoT becoming more ingrained into everyday business and our personal lives, we are increasingly dependent on the data and value it brings. One particular area of potential satisfaction is security: As IoT adoption and value increases, it becomes even more important to secure the investments made.

Any physical machine or device that has connectivity and software will ultimately have implications to security and so, solutions are required that will allow flexibility to safely onboard devices of all types.

Mitigating Risk

Firstly, the organisation needs to perform an assessment detailing what risks the IoT device introduces to the business. It is possible that the solution is to simply register the device in the IT inventory records or catalogues. Whether in business, hospitals, educational facilities or government, there should be a standard operating procedure that enforces adding any new IoT devices.

An organisation can eliminate risks to an extent by maintaining a current and detailed inventory of all IoT devices.

When devices are unmonitored, they create opportunities for potential breaches within company mainframes.

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