I need help configuring my router

Switching off your router and restarting after 30 seconds resolves 9 out of 10 issues. If this does not work (or if you are using your ADSL for the first time), you will need to verify that you are using the correct settings on your modem. To do so, you must be connected to your router with a LAN (Network) cable.1. Click on the Start button and either type in CMD in the search field (Windows 7) or click on RUN… and then type in CMD. A black box will appear (maximise this by clicking the square in the top right corner). At the command prompt (e.g. C:Users) type in IPCONFIG and press Enter.
2. Find the line which says Ethernet Local Area Connection. Just underneath this you will find several lines of text and numbers, find the one that says Default Gateway. This should have an IP address next to it like or Write down this address and close the window.
ipconfig results

3. Open your browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari) and type the address into the address bar (where you would normally type in www.google.com etc). This will bring you to your router login screen, where you will type in your username and password (the user name is usually admin and the password is usually either admin or password).

4. Depending on the make and model of the router, follow the menu’s or setup wizard which will allow you to setup your router settings. For most routers, this will appear under Basic Settings orInternet WAN Settings. You can also use a Quick Setup or Setup Wizard Function. Also check the following settings:–

  1. Username and Password (e.g. User@afrihost.co.za)
  2. Protocol (PPPoE)
  3. Encapsulation (LLC)
  4. VPI (8), VCI (35)
  5. IP (Get from ISP)
  6. DNS (Get from ISP)
  7. NAT (Enabled)