A Look Back on Cybersecurity in 2017

2017 has been quite a year for cyber-attacks, including:

  • Equifax: A breach that led to the theft of personal information for hundreds of millions of US citizens.
  • Shadow Brokers: A hacking group that sold Windows exploits they allegedly stole from the NSA.
  • Google Docs: A sophisticated phishing scam that tried to compromise victims’ email accounts.
  • WannaCry: A ransomware attack that affected thousands of organizations, even harming hospitals in the UK.
  • Petya: Another ransomware attack that followed on the heels of WannaCry, affecting organizations in multiple countries.
  • Vault 7: A breach of the US Central Intelligence Agency that led to sensitive documents being published by WikiLeaks.

Techtron has worked with hard to ensure no clients lost any data, and their networks remain secure. We will continue to work with all our client to ensure the best possible security and minimize any downtime in 2018, providing the layered security tools you need to keep your yourself safe.

To that end, we’ve compiled some tips and articles from 2017 to get you started:

Be prepared for whatever the bad guys try to throw at you in 2018!  For more information on Techtron’s managed firewall service click here

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