What Are Managed Servers and Why Should You Care?

With many companies offering a variety of managed and self-managed servers, it’s hard to know what your business needs to ensure that it performs at an optimal level. Questions regarding managed file servers and managed application servers often go unanswered. Habitually, the business will go with the cheaper option, the self-managed option. But as a result, operational costs are skyrocketed and server management is above the expertise of the internal IT team or department. This article aims to articulate what managed servers are, its benefits and why you and your business should need one.

What are managed servers?

A managed server is a server where some or all server administration tasks are handled by the hosting provider. This means you have a team dedicated to monitoring your server and simplifying your business’ IT. Additionally, having a managed server ensures that there are fewer risks and that there is optimal performance. There are various types of managed servers, which include a managed application server, a server that caters for web applications as well as other server functions; and a managed file server which offers a shared storage of computer files that includes documents, photographs, graphics, databases and sound files.

Benefits of Techtron managed server

Here are a few benefits of managed servers:

  • Monitored 24/7:

With a fully managed server, your server is constantly monitored to ensure potential problems are dealt with from conception. Constant monitoring also brings a peace of mind with the knowledge that should a problem arise, there will be an expert to intervene with any such issues.

  • Improved security:

Techtron managed servers are not only constantly monitored but they are also audited for malware, viruses and other vulnerabilities. This means there are relevant and timely updates that make the software robust and ready to offer optimal performance.

  • Support:

Coupled with 24/7 monitoring is the professional staff that offers 24/7 support for every business need. The staff is responsive, qualified and experienced; and therefore, you know problems are dealt with in a professional capacity and with the right amount of urgency.

  • Saves Time:

Having a Techtron managed server saves you time to run your business and continue with the day to day business operations, instead of allocating business time to monitor and audit server functionality and issues. This also allows the internal IT team or department to dedicate their time to dealing with internal issues.

  • Readily Available Hardware Replacement:

The cost of replacing hardware can be astronomical; however, with Techtron managed servers, your server’s hardware replacements are readily available and with no additional costs.

  • Offsite encrypted backups:

With Techtron managed servers your business data is not only monitored 24/7 but included in the improved security are offsite encrypted backups, ensuring that your business remains reputable and your business data stays credible; and far safer from hackers.

Why should you care?

You and your business should care about managed servers as it ensures that you focus on your business being agile and competitive and that you get the best server management at the most efficient cost, while still having access to the latest technology and expertise.

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