Meet Angelo Boswell

Meet Angelo Boswell: The Man Behind Techtron IT’s Informative YouTube Videos.

Have you ever watched a Techtron IT YouTube video? If so, you have likely seen the knowledgeable and friendly Angelo Boswell, who leads the channel. Angelo is a Support Engineer who is passionate about helping others solve technology-related problems. His dedication to his work, his clients, and his team has earned him recognition as an exceptional problem solver and relationship builder. In this blog post, we’ll get to know Angelo Boswell better and learn about his personality, strengths, achievements, and passions.

Personality Traits: Methodical Strategic Planner

When asked to define his personality in three words, Angelo Boswell chose “Methodical Strategic Planner.” These three words perfectly describe his approach to work and life. Angelo is someone who takes the time to assess a situation before diving in. He carefully plans out his course of action and then executes it with precision. His methodical approach ensures that he doesn’t miss any important details and that he can deliver exceptional results.

Career and Passion: Helping Others Through Techtron IT

Angelo Boswell’s passion for technology and his desire to help others led him to his current position at Techtron IT. He believes that exceptional customer service is the key to building strong relationships with clients. Angelo is committed to delivering innovative solutions that meet the unique needs of each client. His dedication to his work and clients has earned him a reputation as a problem solver who can be trusted to get the job done.

Strengths: Building Effective Solutions and Maintaining Strong Relationships

When asked about his biggest strength, Angelo Boswell replied that it is his ability to build effective solutions and maintain strong relationships with all clients. Angelo’s focus on building strong relationships allows him to gain a deep understanding of his clients’ needs, which helps him deliver solutions that exceed their expectations.

Inspiration: Making a Difference in Others’ Lives

What inspires Angelo Boswell to get out of bed every morning? It is knowing that he can make a difference in someone else’s life. Angelo firmly believes in the saying, “Help someone and help yourself because what you give is what you get.” He finds joy in helping others figure things out, fix their computers, create videos, or train technicians.

Advice: Failure is Not Permanent

The best piece of advice Angelo Boswell has ever received is that failure is not permanent. He believes that most people never get started because they fear being a failure, which prevents them from fulfilling their life’s purpose. Angelo encourages people to identify, acknowledge, and honour their life purpose and to keep pushing forward, even in the face of failure.

Achievement: Microsoft Certified Trainer

One of Angelo Boswell’s most significant achievements is becoming a Microsoft Certified Trainer. MCTs are the premier technical and instructional experts in Microsoft technologies. Angelo is a member of an esteemed group of worldwide Microsoft training professionals providing training and assistance for Microsoft Certifications.

Future: Growing Staff, Clients, and Standards

Looking ahead to the rest of 2023, Angelo Boswell is excited about the potential for growth at Techtron IT. He is looking forward to seeing how the team can grow individually, and as a company. Angelo is passionate about helping as many clients as possible and setting new standards that other companies will be measured by.

Angelo Boswell is a man with a passion for technology and helping others. His methodical approach to work, dedication to his clients and team, and focus on building strong relationships have earned him a reputation as an exceptional problem solver and relationship builder. Angelo’s achievements, such as becoming a Microsoft Certified Trainer, and his future plans to grow Techtron IT, demonstrate his commitment to his work and his clients. & If you haven’t seen his YouTube video’s visit our channel now!