Microsoft Patches Gif Vulnerability in Teams

Microsoft Patches Gif Vulnerability in Teams

Microsoft is incredibly proud of its Teams application and the adoption it has seen during the past few weeks. The communication tool has become a cornerstone of Office and the company continues to invest heavily in its long-term success.

So when a vulnerability is discovered, the company was quick to patch the flaw. CyberArk discovered a weakness in the method that Teams was using to authenticate image assets within Teams that could allow an attacker to hijack the user’s account through the Teams API interface.

If you are interested in the low-level details, the post is worth reading, as it highlights the complexity needed to execute the flaw. And it’s the complexity that is key as Microsoft states that they have not seen this technique exploited in the wild and CyberArk notes that to make use of the exploit, the attacker needs to first hijack a Teams subdomain and then begin the intrusion process.

The short version of the flaw is that this is a complex attack and not something that could have been easily exploited. But, it was a vulnerability in Teams and for state actors who have large budgets and lots of time, it was a potential unauthorized entry point.

In contrast to other vulnerabilities in communication tools like Zoom, the Teams weakness was on the opposite end of the complexity spectrum.

While Microsoft has a long history of patching vulnerabilities and continues to offer security solutions, it is important to remember that common-sense will always be the best defense when it comes to protecting your data.

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