My ADSL Line is not working

Most ADSL connection issues are due to errors on the ADSL line (provisioned by Telkom) or on the ADSL router itself. It might be worth trying the following steps to determine where the fault may lie:-

  1. Turn the router off, wait 30 seconds, and then turn the router back on. This solves the majority of connection issues, due to a hanging connection with the Afrihost server.
  2. Check the lights on your ADSL router. Is the ADSL light (also called DSL or Link on some routers) burning solidly? Is the Internet light on?

Router Lights

  1. Try logging into your router (check your router user manual for instructions) and changing your Username to guest@telkomadsl (password is guest). Then go into your web browser and type in you able to browse the site?
  2. Try plugging the ADSL phone line from the back of your router into a normal phone line. Are you able to hear a dial tone? Is there noise or distortion on the line (crackling or buzzing)?

If all of the above tests fail, then the fault is most likely on the line itself.