Self-Service Automated Password Reset Solution

Are you looking for a way to increase uptime and limit frustration caused by lost or forgotten passwords? It can end up costing you more if you don’t protect yourself. An automated and more secure reset service allows minimal downtime around passwords.

Why does your business need it?

Because password resetting is such a common occurrence, often IT technicians don’t have time for much else. A self-service automated password reset solution will free up your IT staff as well as minimise the time spent waiting for a password to be reset. The self-service password reset solution allows you to set your password yourself without calling a help desk. This solution not only reduces the number of help desk password requests but also enhances your productivity by averting unnecessary and prolonged waiting periods.

How does it work?

It’s simple. If you can’t remember your password, simply grab your mobile phone and SMS “reset” to the Password Reset contact on your phone. An automated response will appear, informing you that a request has been sent. A new password is then created and is sent back to you. It’s that easy.

Try it out

Save time. Save money. Get your password when you need it. There couldn’t be a simpler way to reset your password.

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