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How to Use the Outlook Report Message add-in

The Report Message add-in works with Outlook 2016 to allow you to report suspicious messages to Microsoft aswell as manage how your Microsoft 365 email account treats these messages. Messages that your Microsoft 365 email account marks as junk are automatically moved to your Junk Emailfolder. However, spammers and phishing attempts are continually evolving. If you receive a junk email...
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Top 10 ways to secure Office 365 and Microsoft 365 Business plans

If you are a small or medium-size organization using one of Microsoft’s business plans and your type of organization is targeted by cyber criminals and hackers, use the guidance in this article to increase the security of your organization. This guidance helps your organization achieve the goals described in the Harvard Kennedy School Cybersecurity Campaign Handbook. Microsoft recommends that you complete...
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Skype for Business Online is retiring

As Microsoft Teams has become the core communications client for Office 365, we are announcing that Skype for Business Online will retire on 31 July 2021. After that time, the Skype for Business Online service will no longer be accessible or supported. For additional details and resources for planning your upgrade to Teams, read our blog post.    ...
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New Feature: Enhanced scheduling experience in Teams

Microsoft is updating Teams with an enhanced scheduling experience. The feature will be rolled out in mid-February 2020. This message is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 54364. How does this affect you Microsoft are replacing the existing scheduling form with a new form that retains all existing scheduling functionality. The new form provides an improved view of available time;...
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Essential Settings for EOP and Office 365 ATP security

Techtron has been migrating to and managing Office 365 enviroments for some time now.  One of the most common scenarios we find is companies have left many of the security features set to default, which according to Microsoft and other leading experts is not recomended.  These settings are often neglected because everything seems to “just work” out of the box. ...
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The Latest Office 365 Editions: What Business Owners Need to Know

Just a month after Microsoft launched its new subscription-based Office 365 Home Premium for individual users, the company rolled out a major update to Office 365 for enterprise users, too. As with any major tech release, Microsoft has had its fair share of supporters and detractors. Most of the negative articles were focused on their licensing changes. Whether you find...
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