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Demonstrating Compliance with Data Security Regulations Can Be Easy if You’re Prepared

In our final blog in this series on how passwords help you protect your most important business data, We look at how rock-solid password management can also protect you from legal trouble. These days, most businesses are subject to data protection laws or regulations of one kind or another. Some come with pretty stiff penalties. To help demonstrate you’re compliantwith...
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Do You Know Who Has Access to Your Systems?

This blog gets at a really important topic for businesses, especially smaller businesses that don’t have a lot of extra resources for dealing with IT admin. Using a centralized access control system to make sure your systems aren’t accessible by people who have left your company is really important to overall security. The last time an employee left your business,...
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Stay Ahead of Hackers by Changing Your Passwords

We’re continuing to explore the topic of passwords and how they help keep your business data and systems secure in this next blog on when and how you should update your passwords. An alert pops up on your computer: It’s time to change your password again. Sigh. Fine. You’ll just change from password4! to password5! and— Not so fast. Regular...
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Strong Security Starts with Strong Passwords

We have been thinking a lot about client security lately. When we came across this blog series about passwords, we knew we had to share it with all our clients. It’s all too easy to think passwords are a nuisance—when really they’re essential to keeping your data and your business safe. If you use the same password for multiple systems—online...
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How to create the perfect password

If you are one of the people that use passwords like “password” or “12345” you should know that it will take hackers less than an hour to figure it out. So how can you make sure your information is kept under lock and key? Read below for tips on how to create the perfect password. Check your existing password The...
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