The Top 5 Benefits of Remote Network Monitoring

What is remote network monitoring software?

Are you always on-site and able to assist with any network issues? Unfortunately, business owners today are not able to be everywhere at the same time. Remote network monitoring software gives IT staff access to your network monitoring server from anywhere. With a remote monitoring tool, you can access your network maps, sub-maps, configuration options no matter where you’re located. Whether you are out of the office or simply don’t have the time to handle network breaches, an IT company can provide you with peace of mind.  


You can monitor remote offices wherever they’re located.

If your network spans multiple locations, a remote network monitoring software allows you to manage devices in every location.

IT staff in other offices can monitor the network in real time

If you have IT team members spread out across locations who are responsible for monitoring network performance, remote access enables those IT staff in other offices, cities or branches to view network performance in real-time—even if the software server is installed at headquarters.

You and your IT staff can be mobile without risking network neglect

Having remote access to the network means your IT team doesn’t have to be on-site constantly. If you need to work from the coffee shop or at home, with remote access to the network you can still see the status of network devices on your laptop or mobile device. 

Access levels can be managed to ensure security

Some network administrators may resist the idea of remote access because of potential security threats to the network. One way to secure the network is to require encrypted authentication and make sure that every user has to log in the same way.


With proper connectivity, you’ll always have access

The benefits of remote access simply require access. As long as you have direct access to the network via VPN connectivity or point to point, you’ll be able to manage and monitor all the critical devices within your network. Regardless of where you or they are located.

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