Three Microsoft products you can use offline

It seems ridiculous that, in today’s day and age, we are still facing situations where we are unable to connect to the internet and, by extension, are disconnected from the rest of the world – at least it feels that way. To overcome these feelings of disconnect, we’ve found three Microsoft applications that have offline functionality and will help you get through these internet-free moments.

Microsoft Outlook

What wold we do without our emails? Whether for personal or professional reasons, not being able to access your inbox can be frustrating, to say the least. Fortunately, there is a solution that will tide you over until you connect again: Microsoft Outlook downloads a local copy of your email inbox to your PC so that you can access your inbox, read your existing mails and compose new messages to be sent later, irrespective of if there is an internet connection or not. The moment you are connected, all queued mails will be sent and incoming messages will land safely in your inbox.

OneDrive Files

Yes, folks, you can access and edit your OneDrive files offline! This means that, should you find yourself in an internet-free situation, you can still make changes to your documents, which will automatically update the online versions when you reconnect. This can take up a lot of space on your PC if you keep working like this, but don’t fret, the solution is simple: turn on Files On-Demand and you’ll be able to select the files you want to be always available and the ones that are only available when you’re online.

Office suite

Of course, no mere internet disruption will stop you from using the Microsoft suite. Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Access and Publisher are all barely affected by an internet connection, so you are able to create new documents, and open and make changes to existing files whether you are connected or not.

Once again, Microsoft comes to the rescue making our lives simpler and keeping us connected, productive and safe – and all offline, too!

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