Why Techtron Recomends Microsoft Security

As a trusted IT and Security advisor for our clients, we constantly watch the security and vendor landscape, looking for the latest best practices, threats and updates from our partners.  Identity driven security has become essential in todays online world.  I have highlighted some of the key aspects of Identity driven security, how Microsoft has adopted the approach and why Techtron continues to choose to partner with Microsoft.

Security landscape has changed

If you’re like most companies today, then you’ve probably adopted some form of mobility and cloud services into your IT environment. Even if you haven’t, chances are your employees have. In doing so, they’ve changed how they interact with their devices, apps, and your data. While they have become more productive, they’ve also created new security gaps for IT to handle. As the number of cyber-security attacks and data breaches increases worldwide, these issues only become more pronounced.

Introducing Microsoft Identity-Driven Security

Traditional security solutions used to be enough to protect your business. But that was before the attack landscape grew more sophisticated and the transition to mobility and the cloud made employees interactions with other users, devices, apps, and data more complex. To truly protect your business now, you need to take a more holistic and innovative approach to security, one that can protect, detect, and respond to threats of all kinds on-premises as well as in the cloud.  Microsoft Identity-Driven Security addresses the security challenges of today and tomorrow across users, devices, apps, data, and platforms. Each of your employees receive a single protected common identity for secure, risk-based conditional access to thousands of apps—on-premises and in the cloud. Innovative technologies safeguard your network at the front door. Deep visibility into apps, devices, and data activity uncovers suspicious activities, user mistakes, and potential threats before they become real ones. And with behavioral analytics, machine learning, and unique Microsoft security intelligence, you can secure your corporate files and data while freeing your employees to get their work done on the go.

Protect at the front door

In more than 63 percent of data breaches, attackers gain corporate network access through weak, default, or stolen user credentials. Microsoft Identity-Driven Security focuses on user credentials, protecting your organization at the front door by managing and protecting your identities—including your privileged and non-privileged identities.

  • Secure single sign-on
  • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)
  • Risk-based connditional access
  • Discovered and restriction of privileged identies
Protect your data against user mistakes

The more visibility and control you have into your environment, the more you can keep it safely secured. Microsoft Identity-Driven Security offers deep visibility and strong data controls for the cloud apps your employees use, giving you complete context and granular-level policies. You gain the ability to classify and label files at creation, track their usage, and change permissions when necessary. And we help you prevent data loss on iOS and Android devices with an unparalleled ability to manage Office mobile apps.

  • Complete visibility
  • Ongoing risk detection
  • Granular-level control
  • Security policy enforcement
  • Persistent data classification and protection
  • Safe sharing
Detect attacks before they cause damage

Our comprehensive threat intelligence uses cutting-edge behavioral analytics and anomaly detection technologies to uncover suspicious activity and pinpoint threats—on-premises and in the cloud. That includes known malicious attacks (i.e. Pass the Hash, Pass the Ticket) and security vulnerabilities in your system.

  • Identification of advanced persistent threats
  • Detection of known malicious attacks
  • Behavioral analytics
  • Identification of anomalies and policy violations
  • Identity protection
  • Advanced security reporting

For a copy of the full Microsoft PDF Click here to download.

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