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Microsoft Patches Gif Vulnerability in Teams

Microsoft Patches Gif Vulnerability in Teams Microsoft is incredibly proud of its Teams application and the adoption it has seen during the past few weeks. The communication tool has become a cornerstone of Office and the company continues to invest heavily in its long-term success. So when a vulnerability is discovered, the company was quick to patch the flaw. CyberArk discovered a weakness...
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MS Teams PowerPoint Tip

I found the great MS Teams tip for new users.  If you have ever tried to use a PowerPoint presentation in a MS teams meeting you will love this tip. How to use PowerPoint Presenter Mode in a Teams sharing session.     Thanks Karl Kocar for the video....
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Microsoft Teams is it secure?

With the recent explosion of Video conferencing usage due to the Covid-19 outbreak causing the sudden increase in remote workers.  Video conferencing has become a hot topic, almost as hot as the discovery of some very serious security flaws in one of the more popular video conferencing systems Zoom. Zoom’s founder has acknowledged the serious security concerns and has promised...
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Skype for Business Online is retiring

As Microsoft Teams has become the core communications client for Office 365, we are announcing that Skype for Business Online will retire on 31 July 2021. After that time, the Skype for Business Online service will no longer be accessible or supported. For additional details and resources for planning your upgrade to Teams, read our blog post.    ...
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New Feature: Enhanced scheduling experience in Teams

Microsoft is updating Teams with an enhanced scheduling experience. The feature will be rolled out in mid-February 2020. This message is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 54364. How does this affect you Microsoft are replacing the existing scheduling form with a new form that retains all existing scheduling functionality. The new form provides an improved view of available time;...
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